Competitor Analysis

To beat them, you have to know them

To succeed in any market, you must know who your competitors are, what they offer to customers and their strengths and weaknesses. Only then will you be able to develop a successful business strategy.

Unless you’re able to offer something better than the existing products and services, you’ll struggle to establish your business in the marketplace. Ideally, you´ll identify gaps in the market or areas where your competitors are “weak”, and enter the market through those segments avoiding the areas where they are too strong.

Why should you research your competitors?

  • To identify potential sources of competitive advantage for your business
  • To successfully position your business in the marketplace
  • To protect and grow your market share

Position your business for success

Our competitor research and analysis service is designed for both existing and new businesses. It includes 30-day email support to ensure you fully understand the competitor data and how it can be used for improving your market position against the competition.

Contact us at or request a free quote. Fees start at £595.

Examples of work we do for clients

Competitor Benchmarking

We create detailed profiles of clients´ direct and indirect competitors and assess their position in relation to each competitor.

Gap Analysis

We identify market gaps, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and potential sources of competitive advantage for our clients.

Strategy Analysis

We identify the competitors’ past and present strategies, and the reasons behind their success or failure, to help our clients avoid the same mistakes.

Competitors´ Response Profiles

We research competitors´ goals, strategies and capabilities to estimate their responses to our clients´ actions, and the financial implications of those response.

Find out How we work

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