Customer Analysis

Your customers are your business

No business can survive without customers. Researching your customers is the only way to find out which products and services you need to offer, where and at what price, in order to generate revenue.

Knowing your customers enables you to improve the existing products and customer service, and to optimise new products development and marketing activities by focusing on those that are the most likely to result in sales.

Why should you research your customers?

  • To acquire more customers and keep the existing ones
  • To avoid developing products and services no one wants to buy
  • To avoid advertising products and services to the wrong people
  • To avoid investing in the wrong marketing channels

Reports tailored to your needs

Our customer analysis service is tailored for each client based on the goals they want to achieve. It includes 30-day email support to ensure you fully understand the customer data and how it can be used for improving your business.

Contact us at or request a free quote. Fees start at £595.

Examples of work we do for clients

Customer Need Analysis

We research and analyse how well clients´ products and services meet the needs of their target customers and where they need to improve in order to grow their market share.

Market Size Analysis

We research and analyse clients´ total available market, serviceable available market and serviceable obtainable market to help them validate their business idea.

Customer Segment Analysis

We research and analyse different customer segments within the market to help clients customise their products and marketing activities for each segment and generate more sales.

Trend Analysis

We research and analyse past trends in customer behaviour to learn how their needs have developed over time, and help clients predict their behaviour in the future.

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