Feasibility Study

Why conduct a feasibility study before making an investment decision?

  • To anticipate project outcomes before committing time and money to a business idea that may not work in practice
  • To identify new possibilities, opportunities or solutions, which you might have not considered before
  • To decide whether to expand to a specific region or foreign country, or when considering to introduce a new product
  • To add credibility to your application for funding by a private investor or landing institution

What is a feasibility study?

A feasibility study is used to determine whether a business venture or project is legally and technically feasible, and worth the investment. Its goal is to predict the likelihood of success or failure of a project, with the emphasis on identifying potential problems and constraints. Serious entrepreneurs never invest in a new project without conducting a feasibility study first.

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Whether you’re starting a new business or have a project to expand the existing one, we can provide an objective review of its feasibility and potential outcomes.

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What will your feasibility study include?

Technological Considerations

Technical skills and resources necessary for the project to succeed (capacity of hardware and software, employees’ skills, licences, etc.).

Economic Considerations

Costs and benefits associated with the project, to determine potential profit or loss, compare different scenarios, etc.

Operational Considerations

Operational capabilities, work facilities, day-to-day operations, milestones, recruitment needs, staff training needs, etc.

Market Considerations

The local and broader markets for your products, including potential marketing and distribution channels.

Financial Considerations

The project budget and sources of funding, broken down by functional area, location, product or service, etc.

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