Benefits of branding

Sets you apart from the competition

In highly competitive markets, having a quality product is not enough. Unless you develop a strong brand personality and visual identity, you’ll always struggle in the marketplace.

Helps you build trust and credibility

As an established brand, no matter how small you are, you’ll find it easier to build trust and credibility with your customers, business partners, investors, banks, landlords, etc.

Helps you acquire and keep customers

A strong brand will attract and keep a loyal customer base, encourage referrals, speed up purchasing decisions, increase average order size, make upselling easier, etc.

Increases efficiency of other marketing channels

Branding, seen as a long-term process, will surely reinforce advertising campaigns and other marketing activities, make them more effective and consequently, reduce customer acquisition costs.

Helps you recruit and keep top employees

A strong, reputable brand, makes it much easier to attract experienced employees and motivate them to work towards your business goals, giving them sense of pride and belonging.

Adds financial value to your business

A strong brand is one of the most valuable assets your company can have. Potential buyers see it as a guarantee of future revenues and also well-positioned for any kind of expansion.

What is branding?

Branding is the process of creating a company’s personality and visual identity by which it becomes recognisable in the marketplace.

Brand personality

Your brand personality is how you communicate and behave towards customers, employees, suppliers, etc. You can choose to be a brand that´s honest, friendly, helpful, reliable, competent, creative, exiting, cheerful, daring, sophisticated, etc.

Visual identity

Visual identity is the face of your brand and the first thing customers notice about you. The most important elements of visual identity are logo and colours. It also includes company name, symbols, packaging designs, uniforms, etc.

It´s never too early to start with branding

Contact us at or request a free quote. We´ll help you create a strong, authentic brand that will reflect your values and convey the right message to the target customers, inspiring trust and loyalty. Fees start at £1,495.

Our brand development process


Brand audit (values, story, voice, website, social media, marketing materials, etc.)


Customer experience audit (sales process, customer service, refund policy, etc.)


Market research (customers, competitors, etc.)


Develop a brand strategy, including visual identity, brand story and values, unique brand experience, etc.


Develop a brand guide and training materials for current and future employees.

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