Operational Efficiency

How well is your business organised?

An operations strategy details how your products and services are made and delivered to customers. It specifies the location of work facilities, supplier terms, recruitment needs, equipment and technology, production process, quality control, etc. Its main goal is to ensure the optimal use of financial and other resources.

Operational efficiency can be increased either by achieving better results with the same amount of resources or by achieving the same results with fewer resources.

Efficient operations generate higher profits

An increase in operational efficiency normally translates into lower cost per unit, increased profit margins, reduced waste and better competitive position in the market, making it an important overall goal for most businesses.

Common operations issues

  • bottlenecks in production or distribution
  • tasks that don’t add value
  • excessive waste of time or resources
  • untrained employees
  • productivity lower than the industry average, etc.

Improving your operational efficiency

Sometimes, operational efficiency can be increased by simple reorganisation, but often, it requires investment in new equipment, CRM software, IT systems, relocation, etc. If your profit margins are lower than the industry average, contact us at strategy@mcboffin.com.

We´ll assess activities such as supply of materials, inventory management, production process, marketing, sales, distribution, customer service and similar, to identify areas where improvements are possible, or even, necessary.

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