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Is your website converting visitors into customers?

You have about 5 seconds to keep your website visitors and turn them into potential customers. The design of your website plays a key role in capturing their interest and making them stay to learn more about your products and services.

The difference between generating a lead and losing a lead forever may be as simple as changing the layout and colours.

The signs your website needs a redesign

Looks Dull and Unprofessional

A bad website is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility. For example, it has spelling mistakes, lacks a general theme, has too many colours, information is unorganised and difficult to find, images and videos are of low quality, links are hard to distinguish from text, etc.

Looks Outdated Compared to Competition 

Your products and services may be the best on the market but if your website looks outdated, customers will choose to buy from your competitors who have better looking websites, because website quality influences costumers’ perceptions of product quality.

High Bounce Rate

If your bounce rate is higher than the industry average, it means that you need to improve the user experience on your website. It could be that the visitors are not finding the content interesting and useful, or they find it difficult to navigate through pages.

Make your website work for you

Contact us at webdevelopment@mcboffin.com or request a free quote if your bounce rate is higher than the industry average or you’re not satisfied with the amount of sales coming through your website. We’ll work with you to create a professional, user friendly website your customers will love. Please note this service is available only for WordPress websites.

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